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wordpress developerHello World! My name is Carlos Mascareño and I am a 7 years experienced WordPress developer and web designer from Caracas – Venezuela.

I’m a former journalist graduated in 2005 from the Central University of Venezuela (U.C.V.), the highest ranked institution in my country, and have a Master’s Degree in Digital Journalism (2014) from Monteávila University.

I’ve worked for many venezuelan media companies in the past, but 7 years ago I decided to create my own company based exclusively on WordPress development and websites designing.

My freelancer journey has taken me to work with more than 160 clients in 36 countries around the world since then.

I specialize in web design and front-end development, I’m advanced skilled in CSS, HTML, Photoshop and Graphic Design. I’m also certified by Yoast Academy as a Yoast SEO for WordPress expert.


Certifications & Partnerships


Carlos Mascareño successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress (deprecated) course!








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